Our company has been supplying customers around the world with various starches for over 20 years. Based on our years of experience and our profound knowledge of the industry, we are always able to find and supply the most suitable product for every customer and every requirement. At the same time, we also react to the fluctuating prices in the international markets and find the right offer for your company.

Your Flexible Partner

Due to the fact that we operate independently, you avoid depending on one specific supplier and profit from our flexibility and extensive network of contacts. Birkamidon Rohstoffhandels GmbH supplies products that meet your exact specifications and wishes, and we are able to cater for all your needs and requirements. Our customers include bulk consumers such as major importers who are primarily from the food industry and need large quantities of starch and starch products.

Our Products

Our product range is varied and comprises both native starch, such as potato starch, corn starch, wheat starch, pea starch or tapioca starch, and modified starch. On request, we can also supply dehydrated potato products, such as potato flakes, potato cubes and potato granules. Our portfolio is topped off with vital wheat gluten, starch mixtures, powdered milk, pectin and hydrocolloid.

Smooth Logistics

In addition to the procurement of individual products from the range of starches, modified starches or starch derivatives, we also ensure their smooth transportation. In other words, Birkamidon Rohstoffhandels GmbH ensures a functioning logistics system that takes care of the collection of the goods from the warehouse, the shipment or transportation of these goods through to the punctual and complete delivery to our customers. For the convenience of our customers we always work with native speakers to ensure smoothly operating communication.