The history of the Birkamidon Rohstoffhandels GmbH goes back to 1991. At that time the company was founded by Ms. Anna-Maria Brzezina. Today the managing directors of the company are Ms. Anna-Maria Brzezina and Mr. Tales Santos, who was appointed managing director in January 2012. Today the Berlin-based company with its more than 20-year history has become a successful medium-size enterprise.

The business activities of Birkamidon Rohstoffhandels GmbH are diverse; however we mainly focus on supplying starches, modified starches and starch derivatives. Examples are potato starch, corn starch, wheat starch, pea starch and tapioca starch, but also products such as wheat gluten, potato flakes, potato cubes, powdered milk, pectin and hydrocolloid.

Birkamidon Rohstoffhandels GmbH operates across the entire world. Based on our years of experience and our profound knowledge of the industry, we are always able to find the most suitable product for our customers.
The customers of Birkamidon Rohstoffhandels GmbH are mostly from the food industry, primarily major importers or bulk consumers who are able to directly import large quantities of the raw materials we offer.

The benefits we reap by employing native speakers are completely passed on to our customers. We have managed to achieve steady growth over the past two decades by forming close, partnership-like relationships with our customers and suppliers.
Our suppliers have excellent reputations and are highly experienced so that we can continue to provide an impeccably high level of quality with excellent conditions in the future.